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About Absolute Essential Oils and Products

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Absolute Essential is a NZ company committed to providing pure therapeutic plant oils. It was founded in 1988 by Natural Health Practitioner, Dr Bo Hendgen D.O. N.D. A.M.

Her vision to make a positive and permanent difference to people’s lives still drives their ethos today. They are now well known in Asia Pacific for their commitment to balancing efficacy with ethics.

Meticulously formulated

They source the finest raw ingredients and employ the most rigorous scientific methods to create their products. Each of their oils are distilled or extracted using a slower processing methodology, which produces a higher quality product with more of the precious, health-boosting phytohormones retained. Only 4% of the world’s essential oils are created for genuine medicinal purposes – that’s what they use.

Utterly ethical

They source certified organic or wild-grown ingredients from 59 countries worldwide and work directly with producers to support small-hold, eco-conscious farmers and businesses. They also process all raw materials at their own production facility here in Aotearoa, so they can guarantee sustainable manufacturing every step of the way.

Certified Organic

99.6% of their range is independently certified 100% organic. The remaining 0.4% are wild-grown and for all their products, they live by the mantra of NO artificial colours, fragrances, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, pesticides, silicones or SLS.

They also guarantee no cruelty to animals across their entire range.

Mother & child safe

All general products marked as Mother & Child safe can be used with confidence at half dosage on children or during pregnancy. M&C products carry specific child and maternity directions.

Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends are easy to use:

• Bath
• Diffusers
• Inhalation
• Massage
• Compress

Essential Oils Range

An extensive range of organic and wild, medicinal-grade essential oils. Concentrate extracts with therapeutic effect on body and mind.

Pure Blends Range:

Pure essential oils blended for optimum therapeutic effect. Enhance emotional, physical and mental health with the natural power of synergy.


The finest therapeutic carrier oils, floral waters, infused oils, creams, gels, clays, waxes and plant butters, for use alone and for superior essential oil blending.

Mother & Child Range:

100% natural and pure. Gentle, botanical products for absolute nurture, protection and support.

Health & Wellbeing Range:

Pure, botanical oils, creams and gels crafted to support optimum natural balance for vitality, immunity and restoration.

Home & Living Range:

Full plant power for a clean green home, natural first aid, therapeutic aroma, and optimum balance and vitality.

Skin & Body Range:

Nature’s most nourishing and restorative secrets for enhanced beauty, fitness and healing.


Beautiful, safe, eco-friendly: diffusers, storage and candles. Plus dark glass bottles and droppers. Everything you need to embrace aromatics in your own home.

Safety Recommendations:

Undiluted essential oils and oil blends should not be taken internally or applied directly to the skin unless directed by a qualified practitioner. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark place. Consult a health professional for serious illness and persistent symptoms.

Please visit the Absolute Essential website for more detailed information, frequently asked questions and answers or if you are unsure on how to use their products.




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