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Baby Bliss Weekly Mothers Support Clinic

Come and join me online for a really relaxed session where you can get your questions answered and share any concerns that you may have about your baby’s feeding, sleeping or settling. You will gain some valuable professional advice, support and reassurance for an affordable price. 

$20 – 1 Hour


Being a mum is such a precious gift but it can be really challenging sometimes can’t it? Trust me, I have been there as a mum myself!

As a Midwife and Baby Advisor, I am passionate about educating and supporting mums like you and that’s why I offer a weekly Mothers Support Clinic online, for all mothers who have babies under 12 months of age. 

This is a great opportunity for you to get professional advice, support and reassurance at a really affordable price. Come to one or come to as many clinics as you feel you need during your baby’s first year.

My clinic is run online and is a really relaxed session.

Every mum will have plenty of opportunity to ask me questions and can share with me any concerns that you may have regarding your baby’s feeding (whether you are breastfeeding, mixed feeding or formula feeding) or have issues with your baby’s sleeping, wake times or settling.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn some more information about the stage of development that your baby is in and what is normal behaviour for this age. You will learn a lot from the other mums and I will weave in all the knowledge that I feel will be valuable to you throughout the one hour clinic. 

  • Support is the absolute key to breastfeeding so this is a great way to gain some knowledge , valuable advice and support so that you can continue to build your confidence and trust in the breastfeeding process.  (The same goes for those mums who have chosen to formula feed – you deserve just as much support so I am here if you have any questions/concerns). 


  • You get to meet with other mums who are sharing the same ‘new mum’ journey as you


So come along and join me as individuals or book a clinic with me as a coffee group/friends for a more private session (minimum of 3 mums required).

Look out for the next clinic date on my Facebook page or feel free to enquire directly with me by clicking on the ‘Contact Me’ below. I look forward to meeting you and playing a small part in your journey as a mum. 

Elysia x


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