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0-3 Month Workshop

$50:  2 Hours 

(Includes a Booklet, with all the information covered in the workshop)

0-3 Months is a time when you can set up a really strong foundation and this session will give you a great head start and a clear understanding of what to expect during your baby’s first 3 months. This is a really important time in your baby’s development as they transition from the womb to their new world and understanding this stage (known as the 4th Trimester) and treating your baby as if they are still in the womb during this time is key. Newborns do not have the brain connections in place to be able to calm or soothe themselves so they will need your help to do this until these brain connections are in place which is not until your baby is around 12-16 weeks old. I will teach you how you can calm, settle and resettle your baby and show you how you can do this in a very gentle and nurturing way based on the replication of the womb environment.

You will also learn how you can gently encourage healthy sleeping habits in your newborn. These key concepts and skills are then easily built upon as your baby enters the next stage in their development.

Though you will learn some really valuable skills around your baby’s sleep, I want you to remember that it is always really important to listen into your own instincts as a Mum and to always respond to your baby’s cues. Knowledge is power and it can set you up with a really healthy mindset, allowing you to relax and really enjoy this precious time for you and your baby but there is no right or wrong way of doing things. Every baby is different so keep it simple, trust your instincts and common sense and with a bit of trial and error you will start to work out what will be best for you and your baby.

The focus of this workshop is on providing you with information on what is normal for your baby at this age. Sleep, feeding and activity are all interrelated so have an affect on each other so all of these aspects will be discussed during this workshop. When I am doing this session in your home I have the advantage of observing you in your own setting and how you are managing things with your baby through their feed, wake and sleep cycle. I learn a lot from this observation and so I am able to give you lots of helpful advice, support and reassurance throughout my time visit. So consider this option if you would like a more personalised session and have a look at the 0-3 Month package under Baby Bliss Services/Sessions for further information on the extras that are included in this more personalised session.

At the end of this workshop I want you to feel empowered with knowledge and are armed with the tools and skills that you need to confidently care for your baby during this stage.

In this Session I Cover…

The 4th Trimester


Basic Guidelines around Sleep

Normal Sleep Behaviour of a Newborn

Understanding Sleep Process: Cycles and Phases of Sleep

How to Gently encourage Healthy Sleep Habits in your Newborn

How to Prevent your Baby becoming Over-tired or Overstimulated


Normal Feeding Behaviour of a Newborn

 itUnderstanding the Breastfeeding Process

Baby-Led/Demand Feeding, Feeding Patterns, Growth Spurts and Cluster Feeds

How long should my baby be on the breast for?

How will I know if my baby is getting enough?

Creating a Feeding Ritual

The Importance of Night Feeds

Wake Time/Activity:

Normal Behaviour for a 0-3 Month old


Newborns are very unpredictable so it is not a time for rigid or inflexible routines. However by learning some of the key concepts and skills in this session and putting into place some predictable patterns and rituals you will have a better understanding and have a clearer foundation to work from. 

What is appropriate for a Newborn

My 80:20 Rule

Setting Techniques:

Newborn Calming Techniques

Helping your Newborn to Settle/Resettle

(I am not able to teach my Sleep Technique effectively in a workshop setting to give it the respect and time that it deserves as it need to be tailored specifically to each baby. It is one of the greatest tools that you could have in your tool bag so if you would like to learn it, then there are two options. 

If you live in Auckland,  I can come to you but if you live out of Auckland, I can do this in a private session online with you. I will spend approximately 1 hour with you for $50 and guide you through using this technique with your baby.)

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