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Why is White Noise so Effective?

Sleep is an important nutrient that is vital to your baby’s wellbeing. During your baby’s first year, their brain doubles in weight due to the incredible amount of complex brain development that takes place, most of it while they are sleeping.
Babies need support to learn essential skills so that they can become an independent sleeper, meaning that they are able to settle and resettle themselves to sleep without being dependent upon you or any sleep prop. How you choose to manage this will have a vey strong influence on your baby. You can improve the quality and quantity of your baby’s sleep using various ways and making changes when and if required. So whether your baby will sleep well or poorly is very much dependent upon the support that you give your baby. Saying that, some babies sleep habits will very much reflect their temperament and not your parenting.
Playing White Noise plays a really important part in creating a healthy sleep environment and association for your baby. It has been shown to help babies settle more quickly and sleep more deeply. So who doesn’t want that!
So how can white noise help your baby achieve the right amount of sleep. Here are 5 Reasons:

1. Creates a Ritual 

Rituals are really important when it comes to a baby’s sleep. By doing the same things in the same order every time, your baby will quickly learn to anticipate their rituals every sleep time and will know what is expected of them. Creating a ritual and including white noise will signal to your baby that it is time for sleep and time for their brain to start winding down. What is important is whatever White Noise you choose to use, that it is played continuously throughout the whole duration of your baby’s settling and sleep process – day and night.

2. Uses sound as a Signal/Cue

Turning on a white noise sound machine is a great way to let our brain know that it’s time to rest. The more we integrate the soothing sounds of a white noise machine into our baby’s sleep schedule, the more their body will begin to associate those sounds with sleep. For babies and children, this could look like turning on a sound machine as part of your pre-sleep ritual, creating the perfect atmosphere for a sleepy baby/child.

3. Blocks out any sudden or sharp noise

A White noise sound machine stops those inconsistent sounds from reaching our babies ears while they are sleeping and waking them up. It blocks out any sudden background noise/s and covers up the sounds travelling in from outside or even inside our own home. whether it’s noisy neighbours, a dog barking, siblings playing or a door closing. According to the Popular Science article “Why Does White Noise Help People Sleep?”, it isn’t the door slamming closed that wakes our baby’s up when they have just fallen asleep, but rather the change in sound. 

4. Lets your baby Sleep Soundly

The white noise generated by a sound machine not only helps your baby to fall asleep but will also help your baby to stay asleep. Babies are biologically programmed to wake frequently. They spend 50-60% of their sleep in active/REM sleep, which is a much lighter and more easily disturbed phase of sleep. Playing white noise will help your baby to transition through these light phases of sleep without being woken by any sudden sharp sound or loud noise. 

5. Provides your baby with Constant Noise

Babies love noise. The womb is a very loud place with sounds of up to 90 decibels – that’s louder than a vacuum cleaner or a bulldozer idling – it’s loud! So when your baby is exposed to a very quiet environment, evidence has shown that babies can actually feel more stressed. So playing white noise will take your baby back to the familiarity of the womb environment which will give them great security and comfort and put them in a perfect state for sleep. 


Using white noise as a sleep tool is not only for babies/children or for people who suffer from insomnia but is for anyone looking to get a better, more quality sleep at night. Anyone who struggles with sleep in any capacity should consider integrating white noise into their bedtime ritual. What a lot of my parents realise after using white noise with their baby is that they too are getting better sleep, so many choose to continue to use it in their room and  purchase another machine for their baby’s room. Sleep is so vital to our quality of life, so why not. 

I personal recommend any of the White Noise Machines by Yogasleep because they are the leaders in the design and technology of white noise and continually receive top reviews. They have a great selection to choose from – some for home and some portable so that you can continue to use White Noise when you are out and about. It’s a personal choice but if you are considering purchasing one and would like some advice about what might be the best one for you, please feel free to contact me.

I can access these machines for a great price. I sell them for prices well below their RRP so feel free to take a look at my online store to see the machines available. It’s such a lovely feeling being able to pass these great savings on to you guys. Remember to enter babybliss10 to get an extra 10% off the sale price.

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