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Settling in at Home Package

$700  (Valued at $1050)

This package provides you with practical hands on support, advice and reassurance on all aspects of your baby’s care during your first few weeks home with your new baby. A Mum told me how she described it to another new Mum, “It’s like having your own personal mentor and cheerleader supporting you”!

I will spend time working alongside you in your own home, observing and sharing with you all the knowledge and skills that will help you to trust your own instincts so that you can confidently manage all of your baby’s needs, so that most importantly you can really enjoy your baby and your experience as a parent.

This Package includes:

  • x3, 4 Hour personal sessions, tailored specifically for you and your baby, including breastfeeding/feeding support
  • 0-3 Months Session: You will learn valuable key concepts and skills and gain a clear understanding of what to expect during your baby’s first 3 months. You will also learn about how you can ‘gently encourage’ healthy sleep habits in your newborn
  • 1 Month Unlimited Phone Support

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this package. 

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