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 Popular Baby Bliss Package

A popular package purchased by first time parents or as a gift from Grandparents to be.
$1000  (Valued at $1500)

This package will give you the ultimate start, with all the practical hands on support, advice and reassurance that you will need as you build your confidence with your baby’s feeding and cares and settle into being new parents.

I will spend time working alongside you in your own home, observing and sharing with you all the knowledge and skills that will help you to trust your own instincts and to confidently manage all of your baby’s needs, so that most importantly you can really enjoy your baby and your experience as a parent. The sessions will give you a fantastic overview and understanding of what to expect in those first few months with all the tools that you will need for your parenting toolkit, to be armed and ready to face any challenges that may arise along the way.

This Package includes:
  • A 3 Hour Session with me ‘Preparing for your Baby’. Tailored specifically for you and your partner

  • Two 4 Hour Sessions with me ‘Settling in at Home with your Baby’. Tailored specifically for you and your baby

  • 0 – 3 Months Workshop  (2 Hours) Encouraging Healthy Sleep Habits in your newborn (Includes Booklet)

  • 3 – 6 Months Workshop  (2 Hours) Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits in your baby (Includes Booklet)

  • 6 -9 Months Workshop   (2 Hours) Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits in your baby and Introducing Solids (Includes Booklet)

  • A 1 Hour personal Settling Technique Session in your home following one of your Workshops

  • Unlimited Phone Support for your baby’s first 3 months

  • A FREE Quality baby Gift for you from Baby Bliss


For full details please click on the link below and select each session or workshop for more information on what is included.

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this package

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