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A Typical Session with New Parents and their Baby

This Mum and Dad contacted me after hearing from another Mum in their coffee group who I had recently worked with. They were having similar issues with their 6 week old baby and had seen the turn around in their friends situation so were keen to get the same support and hopefully the same results.

Their baby was very unsettled at times during the day and night and they could not understand what was causing this or what to do to settle their baby as nothing was seemingly working. They were also having a few feeding issues. They were both feeling pretty tired and understandingly frustrated.

So I had a good chat with this Mum over the phone and I really listened to her and were able to very quickly assess what could be going on and what things we could look at putting into place to help improve things for them. We agreed on a time for me to come around and I spent a couple of hours with her and her husband and of course their gorgeous wee baby.

Initially we sat and talked about general patterns of behaviour & then I got to observe their baby’s feed, wake and sleep cycle. With my observations and from the information that I gathered from them over the phone and now in person, it gave me a really clear picture of where things were at. 

Throughout the session I shared with them some valuable information and advice that was pertinent to their concerns. I also taught them some great tools and skills that I felt would be of real value to them such as:

  • How to encourage and establish good sleep habits in their baby
  • What some basic guidelines to having a successful sleeper  were– so gaining a greater understanding of the sleep process (sleep cycles & phases of sleep) and creating positive sleep associations etc
  • Understanding their baby’s tired cues and most importantly how to settle and resettle their baby using a sleep technique that I swear by

This technique will quite literally blow your mind. It is simple and is one of the greatest tools that you can have in your tool bag. It quite often is a real game changer! You may have read about it or heard about it from friends or family but having someone there to teach you, using the technique with your own baby makes it so much more powerful and effective.  

Everything that I do is based on a very gentle, caring and nurturing philosophy. Newborns in particular are very unpredictable and their brain connections still very immature so it is really important to remain flexible and to not have any firm schedules or routines in place at this age. However, saying that there is a rough guideline that you can work with and understanding this is a very key learning principle. 

Over the two hours that I spent with these two new parents, I was able to cover a lot of information. I think we over complicate and over think things some times so I try to keep everything really simple and I teach it in a way that is easy to understand and everything I do is based on good experience and evidence based knowledge. 

This Mum and Dad were left feeling empowered with knowledge and confident with their new skills that they had just learned. It is always such a lovely feeling to walk away from a consultation knowing how valuable it has been for my clients. They are so happy and relaxed and always tell me how much more confident that they feel and this always gives me a real buzz and makes what I do such a pleasure. 

I then complete our session with a follow-up phone call a few days later to ensure that they are still feeling happy and confident with their new skills and to also answer any further questions that may have arisen for them since our session. 

So you can see how one session like this can be so incredibly valuable as it creates such a fantastic foundation for you to work off and sets you up so well from the very start. Every session I do is different because it is based upon what each family needs so it is tailored specifically for you and your baby. 

So if you feel you would value from a visit such as this or are have any concerns that you would like to talk to me about, feel free to give me a call anytime for a chat. 

I offer a Free 15 minute phone consultation to all clients. This gives me the chance to hear what your needs are and to formulate a plan together with you if you require more than just a bit of reassurance from me over the phone. 

I am always very negotiable on my prices so please don’t ever let this stop you from seeking my help if you feel you need it as we can easily work something out. And remember if you are a HBC Parent Centre member, I donate 10% of any service that you purchase straight back to HBC Parent Centre. 

I look forward to meeting you on a more personal level and being a part of your special journey.

Take Care,

Elysia x

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