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Breastfeeding is a really special gift that only you can give to your baby.  Although breastfeeding is a natural process, it does not always come naturally. It can take time and patience as you and your baby learn together. Only a very small percentage of woman are unable to produce milk or enough milk to sustain their baby so though you may face some challenges along the way, you have a high rate of being successful. Success will come down to a few factors; Belief, Knowledge, Trust in the breastfeeding process, Support and Remaining Calm and Relaxed. Breastfeeding is a confidence game and it is achieved by all of these factors put together.  

So I am here for you – to help you with all the advice, support and reassurance that you need during any stage in your breastfeeding journey, so that you can feel confident and can really enjoy your breastfeeding experience. 

Before Baby

I offer personalised sessions that give you all the knowledge, skills and tools that you will need to be well prepared for when your baby arrives. This is the best time to learn about breastfeeding. Please refer to the breastfeeding part of the  ‘Preparing for your Baby’ package for full details on this session.

After Baby

I offer a 1:1 In-home Consultation service to breastfeeding Mums – whether you are facing specific challenges with your feeding or would like to build your confidence with your breastfeeding.

I do a comprehensive assessment of you and your baby and observe a full breastfeed. I then complete a full breastfeeding assessment and we create a feeding plan together – so much power can come from having a clear plan.

This consult includes cheerleading support via phone for a full week following your session. 

Breast Pumps & Breastfeeding Products

I am able to access all Medela products and accessories as well as Crane Breast Pumps and accesories for incredible prices, so if you need anything, please message me and I will give you a price. You will save up to 25-30% off RRP on most products and I am able to order these at anytime, not just with my monthly order. Medela and Crane Breast Pumps are the only Breast pumps that I recommend to my clients and are the best in my opinion on the market.

They are both light and portable, incredibly quiet compared to other pumps, easy to clean and most importantly they are both comfortable and efficient breast pumps of hospital level quality.

Please view the different pumps and accessories below  that are unable to be listed on my Facebook due to their shop policies or check out my Facebook Shop page for all those products that are able to be listed. If you are unsure about how to choose a breast pump, feel free to check out my blog that will help make the process less daunting for you. Feel free to PM me at anytime  if you have any questions about these products or would like some advice around what breast pump might be best for you.

Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump
RRP $69.99
Baby Bliss Price $50.00

Medela Solo Single Breast Pump
RRP $349
Baby Bliss Price $290

Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump
RRP $449
Baby Bliss Price $410

Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump
RRP $699
Baby Bliss Price $610

Crane Single Electric Breast Pump
RRP $269
Baby Bliss Price $200


Crane Double Electric Breast Pump
RRP $369.95
Baby Bliss Price $275

Crane Triton Feeding Bottle Set – 2pk Bottles

RRP $16.95

Baby Bliss Price $14.00


Medela Easy Expression Bustier (White or Black)

RRP $85.00

Baby Bliss Price $70


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