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Yogasleep Dohm Natural Sound Machine

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The Dohm Natural Sound Machine is the original white noise machine (formerly known as SleepMate/Sound Screen 980A) that was designed by the Marpac founder almost 50 years ago (now Yogasleep). It is still  the most the most economical and popular sound conditioner on the market.
It has been proven to be extremely effective in blocking noises at a broad range of frequencies. A uniform blanket of smooth sound masks disruptive noises – Turn it on, and tune out the rest of the world! Let the noise-masking magic happen for a natural sleep aid, office privacy, baby soothing, tinnitus relief, respite from noisy snorers and unfamiliar hotel rooms, and a relaxing calming balm for barking dogs.
It features the signature fan-based natural white noise producing the famous Marpac Sounds – the soothing ambient sounds of rushing air without the disturbance of actual moving air or other irritations.
With 2-speed option for adjustable tone and volume, the Dohm makes it simple to create a personalised sound environment for your baby.
It is compact and economical to run, powered by an 8-foot 120V AC plug so is very easy to use. Just plug in the Dohm, flip the switch to high or low then rotate the cap and collar to find the best sound for you.
The Dohm features a new, intuitive Michael Graves design, and is available in white with accent in pink.
Why play White Noise?
Evidence has shown that babies settle more quickly and sleep more deeply when they are exposed to white noise when it is played though out the whole duration of their sleep


  • White noise to block to out sleep distractions
  • Create baby’s personal sound environment
  • Compact and economical
  • Economical plug-in model
  • Easy to use with simple design





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