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Embe Transitional SwaddleOut - 3-6 Months

$59.95 incl GST

The Embe Transitional SwaddleOut will help your baby to transition from the 2-way Starter Swaddle once they start to roll over or wriggle their arms free, while still giving your baby the comfort and security that will help your baby to settle more easily and sleep more deeply.


Why pay RRP of $64.95?

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Is your baby trying to roll over or wiggle their arms free?

The embé 2-way SwaddleOut™ safely helps baby transition from the Starter Collection to the next phase of development.

Hidden snaps in the arm sleeves allow one or two arms in or out, giving baby the freedom to move and gradually adjust to sleeping “unswaddled.”


  • Patented Legs In/Legs Out Design
  • Allows for Swaddling One or Two Arms In or Out
  • Cool Down, Warm up or Change Diapers Without Un-Swaddling
  • No-Breakout Design Means Baby Stays Tucked In, Falls Asleep Faster
  • No-rise neckline implemented for SIDS Safety
  • Hip Healthy Designation From International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • No loose cloth to cover nose and mouth
  • Adjustable snaps allow for 3 different lengths as baby grows
  • No unraveling, made of 100% all-natural cotton
  • 1.0 tog
  • Machine wash, tumble dry



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