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Happy Baby after a successful Consult!

Elysia is amazing. My baby was only sleeping in her bassinet in the living room and took ages to settle. Elysia spent 3 hours with us and everything just suddenly made sense. My girl now takes regular naps during the day and sleeps through the night. The lady is a genius. Thank you soooo much Elysia.


Wish we saw Elysia earlier! Our little girl was never a great sleeper but had been constantly cat napping through the day and waking hourly at night for a bout 5 weeks before we saw Elysia. She was very unsettled and hard to calm down which was very challenging. After spending 4.5 hours with Elysia, we had the knowledge and tools in place to make massive improvements! On the second day she slept a 6.5 hour block in the night and was sleeping for 2 sleep cycles for at least 2 sleeps in her cot from there on. We have a completely different baby to before – chilled, happy and not overtired! I couldn’t recommend Elysia enough – I truly feel like she cared so much about our little family and is such a warm and kind person. It’s obvious that she absolutely loves what she does – and no wonder…she’s amazing at it! Can’t thank her enough for what she has done for us.

Carlie, Dimitri (& a very grateful Mila) xx

Elysia pretty much saved my sanity. I was struggling with a baby who wouldn’t seem to sleep at all during the day and was a nightmare to settle at night. She spent 3 hours with us and helped me to put an easy plan in place and understand my baby’s cues better. He was a different baby within a couple of days of using my new skills and knowledge. We now have regular day time naps both out and about and in his bassinet and I/m getting more sleep at night now than when I had a 9-5 job! Hands down best money I’ve ever spent. Highly recommend. Thanks so much Elysia

Clare & Leo.

Being at my wits end with a baby that suddenly wouldn’t sleep and when he did sleep it was only for 30 mins, I contacted Elysia. Her warm, supportive personality combined with her expansive knowledge that she has makes it super easy to digest, has given the tools I need to feel confident again in this parenting game. I can finally see the forest for the trees and since our consult I have managed to get my son down for all his naps using her techniques!


Elysia came to visit us when our son was a month old. The information and advice she gave us at this time was so valuable as it helped to set us up right from the start. After Elysia’s visit we felt confident and prepared with a great set of tools to help us get our our boy to sleep quickly and efficiently. Elysia is absolutely lovely, down to earth and very approachable making the session with her relaxing and enjoyable. The information she gave us was easy to understand and practices were super easy to put in place. Since our meeting with Elysia our son has been a champion sleeper! Thank you Baby Bliss! Highly recommend.


Elysia is such a kind, caring, relaxed and down to earth lady. She is so knowledgeable about babies and built our confidence, particularly with breastfeeding. We chose to do the Preparing for Baby package and found it invaluable. Elysia gave us all the information, tools and skills that we needed right from the start so I felt really prepared when I had Georgie. Right from those very first days it all just fell into place so I felt that it gave me such a privileged head start compared to other mothers around me in hospital and in my coffee group. Even the Midwives commented to me about my knowledge and understanding around breastfeeding and how relaxed I was as a first time Mum! My husband Adam also really valued the extra thought that Elysia gave to him with the advice on how important his role is as a husband and father during those first few months and how best he could support me in my new role as a mother. We are so grateful to everything that Elysia did for us and would highly recommend her to all new mothers. Thank you so much Elysia. 

Tracey, Adam & Georgie.

I met with Elysia when my baby boy was just a month old. She helped me grow my confidence to breastfeed exclusively after a lot of challenges and gave us awesome tips on settling and getting a better sleeping pattern established. I learnt so much in just a few hours. Thanks so much!


I cannot rate Elysia highly enough. I was struggling to adapt to this whole mothering thing and felt out of my depth with feeding and settling my new baby. Elysia had been recommended to me by a friend and she couldn’t be more grateful for what Elysia had done for her so I gave her a call when my baby was 6 week old. From our very first conversation with Elysia I felt more confident. She has such a lovely gentle caring nature so I really felt that she listened to me with all the concerns that I had and I felt so reassured and supported by her. My husband and I learnt so much in our sessions with Elysia and we both felt so much more confident with our parenting with all the tools and skills that she gave to us. A personal session like this is definitely the way to go as everything is focused on you and your baby.  I am so grateful for everything that she did for us and recommend her to anyone that has had a baby whether they are having issues or not as it sets you up so well from the very start. It has made a huge difference to my approach to mothering and I am absolutely loving being a mother now to my beautiful wee girl, Millie. 

Jane, Stephen & Millie.

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