Settling in at Home


This package provides you with practical support, advice and reassurance on all aspects of your baby’s care during your first few weeks home with your new baby. During these sessions I will share with you all the skills and tools you will need for feeding and sleeping success.

It includes 3 personal sessions of up to 4 hours duration per session.

Please see below for what this package includes.

Settling in at Home Package Includes:

  • Observation of your Feeding and Newborn Cares and Providing Support, Advice and Reassurance

  • Overview of the “Keys to Success” for Breastfeeding

  • Review of the 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding with particular focus on Demand Feeding, Rooming in, Supplement/Complement feeding and using Artificial Teats and Pacifiers

  • How Long to Feed for and How will you Know if your Baby is Getting Enough?

  • Recognising your Baby’s Feeding Cues

  • What to Expect over the next few weeks re: Sleeping and Feeding (Clusters feeds, Growth Spurts, ) Output and Developmental Play

  • Understanding Different Cries

  • Assistance with Settling and Learning about Effective Ways to Calm your Baby

  • Understanding your Baby’s Tired Signs

  • Understanding the Sleep Process, Basic Guidelines for a Successful Sleeper and How to Encourage Good Sleep Habits from the Start.

  • Breast and Nipple care: Overview of Prevention and Management of Engorgement, Blocked Ducts, Mastitis, Thrush and Milk Supply Issues

  • Involving your Partner

  • Your General Wellbeing, Nutrition, Prioritising and my 80/20 Rule

  • Demonstration of Bathing, Winding, Wrapping and Baby Massage

If there is anything that you would like me to cover in these sessions, please let me know so that I can tailor them to your needs. 

JimmySettling in at Home