Preparing for your Baby

$280 – $500

This package is a fantastic preparation package for you, your partner and your baby. It will give you a positive head start and a great overview and understanding of what to expect in those first six weeks. From my experience, women who have been given clear information prior to having their baby appear to be more relaxed and seem to enjoy their experience more because of this. By understanding your baby’s needs, you will feel so much more confident and therefore you will really enjoy your baby whilst being prepared for some challenges that you may face along the way.

Session One:  Baby Bliss Basics

Session Two:  Preparing for Breastfeeding


One Session:  $280

Both Sessions:  $500 and you also receive a Quality Baby Gift for free.

Please see below for the details of each session…

Session One:  A Personal Session on the ‘Baby Bliss Basics’ (3 hours)

  • Baby Bliss Essentials List: Discussion about basic equipment, bedding and clothing requirements and differentiating between the essentials and the nice to have but not necessaries. This includes essentials for Mums too. I am also more than happy to help you with the set-up of the bedding for your cot or bassinet.

  • Understanding the 4th Trimester…A time for Nurturing, Building Trust and Emotional Intelligence

  • The Importance of Skin-to-skin Contact

  • The Normal Appearance of a Newborn

  • Where will you Sleep your Baby?

  • What to Expect in that First Few Days

  • What to Expect in that First 6 Weeks

  • Recognising your Baby’s Tired Signs and Feeding Cues

  • Understanding the Sleep Process, Basic Guidelines for a Successful Sleeper and How to Encourage Good Sleep Habits from the Start

  • How to Recognise Different Cries

  • The 5 ‘S’s and my Newborn Calming Techniques

  • Information on Colic, Gastro-intestinal Reflux and Cradle Cap

  • Involving your Partner with your Baby’s Cares

  • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Prevention

  • Your Wellbeing, Nutrition, Prioritising and my 80/20 Rule

  • Demonstration of the Baby Basics eg: Putting Nappies on, Dressing a Baby, Wrapping, Winding Techniques, Baby Bathing and Settling Techniques

Session Two: A Personal ‘Preparing for Breastfeeding’ Session (3 hours)

Breastfeeding is such a special gift that only you can give to your baby. It takes time and practice but is so rewarding. Although breastfeeding is a natural process, it sometimes doesn’t come naturally so some help may be needed for you and your baby. The best time to learn about breastfeeding is before your baby is born. This session will give you confidence and all the tools that you will need so that you can be well prepared and really enjoy your breastfeeding experience. The more knowledge you have about breastfeeding, the easier it will be and with planning ahead it will help reduce the risk of problems and help you find solutions quickly if any issues do arise. Some of the topics covered are:

  • The Benefits of Breastfeeding

  • How Breastfeeding Works

  • 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, with Particular Focus on Demand Feeding, The Use of Supplementary or Complementary Feeds, Artificial teats and Pacifiers and Rooming In

  • Overview of the ‘Keys to Breastfeeding Success’ and the Importance of Correct Positioning and Latching of your Baby

  • What Signs to Look for to Ensure that your Baby is Feeding Effectively and Efficiently

  • How Long to Feed for and How do you Know if your Baby is Getting Enough?

  • Recognising Newborn Feeding Cues

  • How to Wake a Sleepy Baby

  • What to Expect in that First 72 hours and First six Weeks including, Feeding, Sleeping, General development, Output and much more…

  • How to Hand Express and How to Correctly Store Breast Milk

  • Practical Hands on Demonstrations using Dolls, to show you the Different Breastfeeding Positions and How to correctly Latch your Baby

  • Breast and Nipple Care and an Overview of the Prevention and Management of Nipple Damage, Engorgement, Mastitis, Blocked ducts, Leaking Milk, Milk Supply Issues and Thrush

  • Nutrition for Mum while Breastfeeding and your General Wellbeing

  • How to Involve your partner with Breastfeeding

The World Health Organisation recommends all Mum’s to breastfeed their baby’s exclusively until they are around 6 months old. This gives your baby the best possible start in life.

If however, you choose to formula feed your baby after making an informed decision, then I will be more than happy to support you and assist you with this.  I want to ensure that all mothers, regardless of what feeding method you choose, get the best feeding support that you need. This is your own personal choice so I encourage you to do what is right for you and your baby.

I will offer tips on:

  • Choosing Infant formula

  • Equipment you will Need

  • How to Clean and Sterilise your Bottles Correctly

  • How to Prepare and Warm Formula

  • How much Formula does your Baby Need?

  • Feeding your Baby

  • Winding Techniques

If there is anything that I don’t cover in these sessions that you would like me too, just ask as I am more than happy to tailor to your specific needs.

JimmyPreparing for your Baby